Playlist time ~

Playlists for you

Well I know these are just the playlists that I like and it's completely biased but I hope atleast one of these playlists make you happy and you like it 🥺


I hope you all are always happy and smiling and spreading love and kindness.


I know we all have our downs ,but trust me everything will get better and if you need a self care break, you should take it and focus on it and Trust me it's okay and its also okay not to do anything the whole day apart from getting into your comfy clothes and just binge watching netflix shows . Take it one day at a time cause thats how life is and its gonna get better.


Honestly Quarantine is the best to start dancing and start posting those tiktok vidoes you have been dying to post hehe. Oh and also better is if your stuck with your loved ones then you can danceee with them.


What better time is now than to Praise God and thank him for everything. Stay safe everyone God loves you all


I know everything may seem to be bad and sad and hurtful but trust me things will get better. You will find someone who loves you for who you are. Whatever is meant for you will come back and remain I promise . Take risks and if you love someone give them your all and fight for them, and if it still doesnt work then you should know you gave it your all and you will find someone who will stay in your life forever.

I will update this page regularly. I hope you all stay strong and smile loads.

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  • Robert🥺

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